Kabak Valley

Kabak Bay viewed from Turan Camp

Kabak Valley

As soon  as you arrive at the top of the Valley you are captivated by the magnificent views down to Kabak bay. You will find no roads, hotels, or noisy night clubs, just the the sound of nature and the view of pristine pine forest leading down to a sparkling turquoise sea. Walking down to Kabak Bay your senses will be aroused by the sweet smell of pine, sage & thyme. For many years Kabak Bay has been a popular retreat for yoga groups, hikers, photographers and writers all are attracted by its peaceful setting and abundance of nature.

Located along the famous “Lycian way” a popular route amougst hikers and historians in ancient history  Kabak offers a beautiful 600 metre untouched stretch of beach surrounded on both sides by a rocky outcrop and pine forest  –  You could easily image Robinson Crusoe strolling up the beach!

Kabak Beach

Kabak Beach viewed from Sun Valley

Due to strict building laws permanent structures are forbidden in Kabay Bay. All the lodgings and campsites are built from the local wood and are in harmony with the area. Most lodgings offer wooden cabin style accommodation some with en suite facilities. Most accommodations in Kabak offer tent pitching areas for those on a budget and provide either Half board or Bed & breakfast