Kabak Valley is a great place to stay for those of us looking to chill out in unrivalled nature, whether you go for the many yoga courses on offer, or to explore the many coastal villages by taking one of the numerous trails meandering out of the valley.

Depending whether you want to be closer to beach or further up the valley will depend on your budget. Most lodges & campsites in the area offer accommodation ranging from a basic tent to wooden tree house complete with balconies, en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning. The first established and best known place to stay is Turan Hill Lounge which is well known for its good food and great ambiance. Turan Hll Lounge is located at the bottom of the valley, only a short walk from the beach.

The best time to visit Kabak Bay late summer & Autumn when its cool enough to enjoy one of the many amazing walks along the famous Lycian trail.

There are campsites and lodges to suit all budgets many offering breakfast & evening meal included in the price of the stay.

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